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Can-Do Travel Set

Lemongrass + Coconut + Pineapple Travel Set

1 oz Can-do Gel Hand Sanitizer + 2 oz Aware Lotion Bar + .15 oz Bliss Lip Balm

For all of your travel days, stay positive and worry-free with our CAN-DO Travel Set.  This TSA-approved set comes with three must-haves:

  • CAN-DO alcohol-free hand sanitizer wondrously scented with the citrusy yet earthy aroma of lemongrass, muddled with creamy coconut, and sweet pineapple
  • AWARE lotion bar curiously crafted to nourish and soothe dry skin with a bright blend of citrusy lemongrass and cool spearmint.
  • BLISS lip balm made with our luxe moisture-locking formula with the Island aroma of tropical, sweet pineapple and smooth, creamy coconut.