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Manly Hand Sanitizer Set

Bayleaf + Tobacco+ Lavender

4 oz + 1 oz Gel Hand Sanitizer Set

For hand purifying on-the-go, reach for our HEATHMADE premium, alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer, curiously crafted to gently cleanse your skin with a combination of soothing aloe vera gel, anti-inflammatory witch hazel, wondrously scented & antimicrobial essential oils, and anti-oxidant rich vitamin E oil. Now you can carry a calm confidence with the MANLY scent of sharp, earthy bay leaf, smoky tobacco, and relaxing lavender. This smoky & refined hand sanitizer will leave you feeling fresh, clean, and well-balanced.

MANLY Hand Sanitizer set is a beautiful combination of one, 4-ounce amber bottle of hand sanitizer complete with a black lotion pump and a matching, 1-ounce travel size bottle with a treatment pump.

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